Specialmind - The Missing Particle | Sentimony Records

"The Missing Particle"

By Specialmind

Released: 08 November 2012

Cat. No.: sencd013

Format: Digital

• Genre: Electronic

Style: Psychedelic chill-out, Chillgressive

Total Time: 45:32

Mastered By Makus (Overdream Studio)

Artwork & Design By Ader (Tentura)


1. Specialmind - The Missing Particle 110

2. Specialmind - Alterlife 100

3. Specialmind - Soul Language 113

4. Specialmind - Alterlife (Tentura Remix) 100

5. Specialmind - Soul Language (UCP Remix) 113


The Specialmind are psychedelic downtempo music project, that combining elements of progressive chillout, ambient, and psydub sounds.

The project was formed in 2011 as a result of collaboration between two musicians from Ukraine - Alexander Radchenko and Evgeniy Pshonniy.

The idea of creating their own vision of psychedelic chillout music originated as a result of combination of different musical experience and mutual desire of musicians to create a conceptually new sound in this genre.

Producers & Artists:

Specialmind - Alexander Radchenko & Evgeniy Pshonniy

Tentura - Alexandr Pidgornyi & Stanislav Yastremsky

UCP - Runar Kristinsson

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