sencd003 | 20 Dec 2007

Sphingida «Origin»

Psychill, Downtempo | 79:42
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Sphingida is a Ukrainian project founded in 2005 by Yulia Levchenko (Zea NeiRula) and Ihor Orlovskyi (Irukanji).

With an initial focus on experimenting with different musical instruments and technologies, the project started to take part in various psychedelic trance and ambient events. In 2007 their debut album Origin was released on Sentimony Records, demonstrating a wide range of musical directions with an emphasis on downtempo and easy listening.

In each track you will hear a mind-blowing mixture of gentle melodies, rigid synthetic sounds, and dynamic rhythms. Wise merging of styles and creative approach to the music make the sound of Sphingida absolutely unique.


  1. Sphingida - Sunset Sign | 100bpm
  2. Sphingida - Submerge | 110bpm
  3. Sphingida - Spaceward | 120bpm
  4. Sphingida - Toxic Memory | 77bpm
  5. Sphingida - Fountain Of Youth | 148bpm
  6. Sphingida - Gigs Faka (vs. Roof Raiser) | 110bpm
  7. Sphingida - Springled Planet | 132bpm
  8. Sphingida - Alone In Aqua Endless | 125bpm
  9. Sphingida - In The Algae | 100bpm
  10. Sphingida - New Age Lullaby | 96bpm


Written & Prodused By Sphingida

Artwork By Anton Pivniuk

Mastered By Prok at VioletRaySoundlab




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