Irukanji «Z Lisu» Small Thumbnail Irukanji «Z Lisu»

SENCD006 | 23 Feb 2009

Irukanji «Z Lisu»

Psychill, Downtempo | 1:08:30

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    Sentimony Records proudly presents «Z Lisu» (from Ukrainian its mean «From The Forest») - debut album of Irukanji.

    Behind this name is standing talented musician and charismatic dj – Ihor Orlovskyi, member of Ukrainian duet Sphingida (2004 - 2008).

    Also Ihor Orlovskyi is known as owner of Sentimony Records and its sublables Aqua Deep Music and Lookinglook Records.

    Created in 2008 Irukanji combined all experimental ideas and fresh twisted downtempo style. Irukanji is breaking all rules and standing beyond the scope.

    In his tracks you will hear crazy conversion between pure psychedelic down beats and mysterious tales.

    Have a nice forest journey!


    01 Irukanji - Onset (In) | 72bpm

    02 Irukanji - Swamp | 128bpm

    03 Irukanji - Recapture The Past | 90bpm

    04 Irukanji - Return Home | 90bpm

    05 Irukanji - Hybrid Seven | 100bpm

    06 Irukanji - Nymphosis | 120bpm

    07 Irukanji - On One Wave | 130bpm

    08 Irukanji - Forest Speakers | 130bpm

    09 Sphingida - Crystal Silence | 75bpm

    10 Irukanji - End (Out) (feat. NeiRula) | 72bpm


    Written & Produced By Irukanji

    Artwork By Anton Pivniuk

    Mastered By Prok @ VioletRaySoundlab




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