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SENCD010 | 12 Apr 2011

VA «Absence Of Gravity»

Psychill, Ambient | 1:16:07

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    To the 50th anniversary of the first manned space flight, Sentimony Records, in collaboration with Home World Music Group, have prepared a special release - new psychedelic space-ambient music compilation entitled «Absence Of Gravity» compiled by Spectrum Vision.

    This new release contains 11 exclusive tracks from the talented creators of modern psy-ambient music. The compositions are full of experiments with abstract forms of classic ambient sound and mysterious atmosphere of space images.



    01 Reactive - Free Search | 118bpm

    02 AstroPilot - God's Channel (Original Version) | 119bpm

    03 Mary Bruk - Sandal | 75bpm

    04 Spectrum Vision - Tunguska | 125bpm

    05 Alexander Daf - We Bring The Light | 122bpm

    06 Chronos - Endless Rotation | 80bpm

    07 Irukanji - Missing Bot | 108bpm

    08 CJ Catalizer - The Third Orbit | 120bpm

    09 Psyfactor - Nine | 120bpm

    10 NeiRula - Approaching To Pulsar | 113bpm

    11 Unstable Elements - Once Upon A Time | 70bpm


    Compiled By Spectrum Vision

    Artwork By 1n0x

    Mastered By Zen @ Altar Records Studio






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