sencd001 | 09 Feb 2007

VA «Fantazma»

Psychill, Downtempo | 71:46
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Fantazma is the debut release of Sentimony Records - label of psy-ambient, downtempo and psychedelic chill-out music, based in Kiev, Ukraine.

Eleven previously unreleased tracks, ranging from deep ambient to psychedelic idm and more up-tempo chill-out music. All this tracks produced in Ukraine.

Sentimony Records was started in autumn 2006. Label’s main mission is to release tracks of all the talented artists from Ukraine and other countries.

Feel the Ukrainian psychedelic chill-out spirit.


  1. Harax - Dreamy | 80bpm
  2. Sphingida - After This | 90bpm
  3. Solcast - Chinese Pineapple | 90bpm
  4. Zymosis - Alien Creation | 68bpm
  5. Heinali - Endless | 91bpm
  6. Harax - Clepsydra | 80bpm
  7. Zymosis - Sound Of Magic | 91bpm
  8. Frans Gosu - Morbit | 130bpm
  9. Solcast - Cheiook | 80bpm
  10. Ader Project - Serotonin | 100bpm
  11. Sphingida - Outside | 64bpm


Compiled By Sphingida

Artwork By Synchronick

Mastered By Synchronick at Don't Panic Records Studio




Recently all Sentimony Records releases available for free download.
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