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15 Jun 2010
Psychill, Psydub

VA «Grower»

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Lookinglook Records team is pleased to present our second release - chill-out compilation, titled «Grower».

This new release mixed different styles: from classic chill-out with ambient to dub with downtempo. Tracks smoothly flow into one another and complement each other.

The compilation includes tracks as well-known projects, such as: Overdream (Ukraine), Spectrum Vision (Russia), Vonoom (Denmark), Irukanji (Ukraine), Kalpataru Tree (USA), Unusual Cosmic Process (Ukraine); and ‘newcomers’, such as: Atati (Ukraine), Mahaon & Locus (Russia), E.R.S. (India), ShizoLizer Gin (Ukraine), Xylonite (Russia), Liquid Crystal (Russia).


  1. Atati - Versions [60bpm]
  2. Spectrum Vision - Outsiders [100bpm]
  3. Mahaon - Leaving The Limit (feat. Locus) [75bpm]
  4. Vonoom - Dirty Dishwater [80bpm]
  5. Overdream - Mystique Cabalistique [92bpm]
  6. E.R.S. - I Went Irie (The Orient Funk Experience) [100bpm]
  7. Irukanji - Muti Cappa [88bpm]
  8. ShizoLizer Gin - Sweet Dino [100bpm]
  9. Xylonite - Thermal Expansion [125bpm]
  10. Unusual Cosmic Process - Cosmic Harmony [96bpm]
  11. Liquid Crystal - Raindrops [90bpm]
  12. Kalpataru Tree - MetaLullaby [77bpm]


Compiled By Irukanji

Artwork By Ju Ju

Mastered By Makus (Overdream Studio)




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