VA «The Ten» Small Thumbnail VA «The Ten»

SENCD024 | 13 Apr 2017

VA «The Ten»

Psychill, Psybient, Chillgressive | 1:14:28

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    Specially for The Tenth Label Birthday, Sentimony Records team is ready to present a new psychill compilation «The Ten».

    Here your will find The Ten exciting journeys by The Ten well-tried psychill minds carefully selected by Irukanji.

    Have a nice trip!


    01 Zymosis feat. Katya Chilly - U Zemli | 140bpm

    02 Dagas - Age Of Aquarius | 60bpm

    03 Hair! - Hashish (Encapsulate Rmx) | 99.5bpm

    04 Spectrum Vision - Mono Town | 90bpm

    05 AstroPilot - Breath Of Fate | 102bpm

    06 Crystal Vibe - Neuron | 111bpm

    07 Chronos - Cultural Legacy (Live Version) | 110bpm

    08 Overdream - Flat Earthers | 113bpm

    09 Daoine Sidhe - Horizon Shifter | 115bpm

    10 Irukanji - Clooney | 125bpm


    Compiled By Irukanji

    Artwork By Trootootoo

    Mastered By Makus @ Overdream Studio