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SENCD002 | 19 Jun 2007

VA «Emptinesses»

Psychill, Downtempo | 1:17:42

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    Sentimony Records proudly presents our second release - «Emptinesses» compiled by Sphingida. Carefully selected tracks from masters of chillout vibes.

    The compilation describes a saturated voyage into the Emptinesses of ambient and downtempo escapes, atmospheric dreamy melodies with beautiful floating sounds.

    Twelve chillout tracks of relaxed down beats and high spirit tunes. A perfect soundtrack to listen to at the crack of dawn, and during peaceful silent sunset.

    Consider for a moment! Listen to the beauty of Emptinesses...


    01 Unstable Elements - Thaw (Intro) | 130bpm

    02 Sphingida - Over The Depth | 72bpm

    03 Unstable Elements - Emotions | 130bpm

    04 Harax - Flamberg | 96bpm

    05 Zymosis - Strange Emotions | 100bpm

    06 Solcast - Hi Paul | 130bpm

    07 Harax - Aessone | 90bpm

    08 Roof Raiser - Ice Age | 104bpm

    09 Heinali - Eye Of The Storm | 122bpm

    10 Aisaid - Protos | 90bpm

    11 Alexander Daf - Road To The East | 120bpm

    12 Atmik - The Day After Tomorrow (Outro) | 105bpm


    Compiled By Sphingida

    Artwork By Anton Pivniuk

    Mastered By Prok @ VioletRaySoundlab




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