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SENCD011 | 10 Jan 2012

VA «Special Places»

Ambient, Psychill | 1:17:47

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    Sentimony Records is happy to announce you label's eleventh release - «Special Places» - ambient, modern classical & score music compilation, compositions which have been carefully selected by AstroPilot.

    «There is no person without a past, no person without their recollections... Everyone has his own personal place, whether it's a desolate house in the village from childhood, the path you were wandering together with your first love or the bank of the river where you contemplated the break of dawn... Each of us has own place, story and significant memories that we are connected to... Time and again, in our thoughts, memories of the past rush back to us as if it was yesterday and all of a sudden you are still talking to people who are no longer in your life - maybe even no longer alive...»

    Dima AstroPilot


    01 K.D. Expression - Alpae-3717 | 100bpm

    02 Cygna - Camaras De Lamento | 110bpm

    03 Chronos - Dandelions As Memory | 120bpm

    04 Irukanji - Out From Little Box (AstroPilot Edit) | 110bpm

    05 Ambient Intelligent Application - Via Lactea (AstroPilot Edit) | 113bpm

    06 Rabitza - Port | 120bpm

    07 AstroPilot - Svoboda | 120bpm

    08 Access To Arasaka - AUG | 115bpm

    09 Field Rotation - Disappear | 130bpm

    10 Nexar - Jewel (AstroPilot Edit) | 85bpm

    11 36 - A Final Thought | 119bpm

    12 Eguana - A Moment Of Madness | 80bpm


    Compiled By AstroPilot

    Artwork By Ju Ju

    Mastered By Makus @ Overdream Studio






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