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sencd020 | 21 Feb 2011

VA «Dancing Mavka»

Goa Trance | 75:51
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Lookinglook Records (sublabel of Sentimony Records) is pleased to announce its fourth release, which today is the first Ukrainian 100% Goa trance compilation, titled «Dancing Mavka» compiled by Sky Technology.

Under the psychedelic rhythms with classic Goa trance sound, we'll go on a sunny walk to the dancing Mavka - one of the Slavic mythical creatures living in swamps and forests.

The main feature of this compilation is that it consists of composition only Ukrainian projects. Some of them are already well known to fans of psychedelic electronic music, it is such projects as: Zelur Project (better known under the name of SynSUN project), Sky Technology, Spirit Medicine, Celestial Consciousness and ShizoLizer Gin.

Another feature of this release is the fact that it's a debut for several 'newcomer-projects', such as: Pandemicus, Jyotish, Ufomatka and Space Vibes System.

And yep, Mavka like Goa Trance. Enjoy!


1 Pandemicus - Out Of Space | 142bpm

2 Jyotish - 1000 Little Indians | 150bpm

3 Celestial Consciousness - Astral Dance | 148bpm

4 Ufomatka - Vega | 139bpm

5 Spirit Medicine - In The Brain Machines | 150bpm

6 Sky Technology - Reactor Of Life | 145bpm

7 Zelur Project - The New Creature | 145bpm

8 ShizoLizer Gin - Pony Ponyslas | 145bpm

9 Space Vibes System - Space Energy | 145bpm


Compiled By Sky Technology

Artwork By Ju Ju

Mastered By Makus @ Overdream Studio



YouTube [Full Release]