Psydewise «Radio Dystopia» EP Small Thumbnail Psydewise «Radio Dystopia» EP

sencd038 | 31 May 2019

Psydewise «Radio Dystopia» EP

Psytrance, Zenonesque, Dark Prog | 29:27

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    Sentimony Records is proud to presents 6th product from Zenonesque & Dark Prog collection. Its release titled «Radio Dystopia» EP by talented Psydewise from South Africa.

    Enjoy! And Huge thanks for your support.


    1 Psydewise - Crystalized Mind | 136bpm

    2 Psydewise - Tetrafloraxapan | 137bpm

    3 Psydewise - Fleeting Moments | 138bpm

    4 Psydewise - Intruder | 137bpm


    Written & Produced By Psydewise

    Artwork By Matik

    Mastered By Samuel J. Wise @ Macro-Dot Audio



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