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21 Nov 2009

VA «Ocean Scenes: Higher Titans»

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Sentimony Records is proud to introduce you with our new musical direction more deeper musical appearance - Aqua Deep Music.

The first CD from the future series of releases - Ocean Scenes, was specially made for You to demonstrate the depth of pure psychedelic rhythms and active meditation.

Higher Titans presents 12 previously unreleased tracks produced by only Ukrainian established composers and promising newcomers.


  1. Irukanji - Mammoth (In) [130bpm]
  2. Cifroteca - Nero Squarka [148bpm]
  3. Overdream - Rear Gear Forest Ear [148bpm]
  4. Already Maged - Necromantica [154bpm]
  5. Roof Raiser - GMO25 [150bpm]
  6. Saikozaurus - Key Meeting [150bpm]
  7. Magmadivers - It’s All In Your Head [149bpm]
  8. Shivattva - Foggy Land Of Zartak [148bpm]
  9. Tookytooky - Nocturna (Remix) [146bpm]
  10. Calamus - The Mighty Glow [150bpm]
  11. Shiva3 - Old Moon [145bpm]
  12. NeiRula - Absolutiz Hipnotyzze (Out) [90bpm]


Compiled By Irukanji

Artwork By Ju Ju

Mastered By Makus (Overdream Studio) & Cifroteca




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