10 Jan 2011
Psychill, Chillgressive

VA «Tempo Syndicate»

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Sentimony Records team is proud to introduce you label’s ninth release and our two years labor - psychedelic music compilation entitled «Tempo Syndicate».

This new release contains 12 unique tracks of crystal clear psychedelic sound with deep bass vibration, spellbinding shaman rhythms and innovative ideas.

We recommend to listen this new CD in the evening and at night-time, especially at open space away from the city limits.

Have a nice dive! ;)


  1. Boggy Elf - Dream Of Ashvattha (In) [80bpm]
  2. ShizoLizer Gin - Kinder Pingui [115bpm]
  3. Hypnotriod - The Sleep Detector [125bpm]
  4. Unusual Cosmic Process - Insignificant Information [104bpm]
  5. Flooting Grooves - Psydeburn [124bpm]
  6. Irukanji - Ayalla [125bpm]
  7. Sygnals - Among Others [110bpm]
  8. Senzar - Nature Moves [121bpm]
  9. Daoine Sidhe - Mindslipses [127bpm]
  10. Wizack Twizack - Lejon [130bpm]
  11. Primordial Ooze - Trial [120bpm]
  12. Spectrum Vision - Time Out Man (Out) [120bpm]


Compiled By Irukanji

Artwork By Irukanji

Mastered By Makus (Overdream Studio)




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