sencd005 | 31 Oct 2008

Spectrum Vision «Lost Space Device»

Psychill, Downtempo | 74:00
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Spectrum Vision was founded in 2004 by two talented musicians from Stupino, Russia, near Moscow: Alexander (1n0x) and Ivan (Ujo). «Lost Space Device» is their debut album on Sentimony Records, originally released in 2008.

The main focus of the project is psychedelic downtempo and ambient works distinguished by subtle ethnic themes with deep dimensions and beautiful melodic leads.


  1. Spectrum Vision - Anna | 140bpm
  2. Spectrum Vision - Electro System | 124bpm
  3. Spectrum Vision - Devise 25 | 90bpm
  4. Spectrum Vision - Mystical Bruhoo | 80bpm
  5. Spectrum Vision - Natural Burn | 72bpm
  6. Spectrum Vision - Liquid World | 90bpm
  7. Spectrum Vision - Ameica | 90bpm
  8. Spectrum Vision - Paper Love | 100bpm
  9. Spectrum Vision - Pikake | 75bpm


Written & Prodused By Spectrum Vision

Artwork By 1n0x & Anton Pivniuk

Mastered By Prok at VioletRaySoundlab




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