22 Feb 2015
Psychill, Chillgressive

Tentura «Beyond Illusion»

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Sentimony Records team proudly presents «Beyond Illusion» - new Tentura full-length album.

Have a nice trip!


  1. Tentura - Alchemy [120bpm]
  2. Tentura - Interstellar [140bpm]
  3. Tentura - Liftoff [90bpm]
  4. Tentura - Beginning Of Time [100bpm]
  5. Tentura - Echoes [120bpm]
  6. Tentura - Vivid [120bpm]
  7. Tentura - Rising [145bpm]
  8. Tentura - Presence Of The Sence [80bpm]
  9. Tentura - Resonance (Remake) [120bpm]
  10. Tentura - Resident (vs. Specialmind) [113bpm]


Artwork By Ader & Andrei Verner

Mastered By Makus (Overdream Studio)



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