Zymosis «Memento» Zymosis «Memento»

SENCD085 | Coming at 25 Jul 2024

Zymosis «Memento»

Psychedelic Electronica, Psychill, Psybreaks | 1:00:13

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    Introducing the opportunity to embark on a sonic voyage like never before with Zymosis on vinyl for the very first time!

    Experience the ethereal soundscape of «Memento», the latest masterpiece from Ukrainian virtuoso Zymosis, now available as a captivating double vinyl album.

    In the realm of philosophy,«memento» resonates with profound depth, embodying the essence of temporal consciousness and existential contemplation. Rooted in the Latin imperative «mementō», translating to «remember», it beckons onlookers towards an introspective odyssey through the transient tapestry of existence, urging the embrace of every fleeting moment.

    Featuring 8 mesmerizing narratives, with 2 enchanting tales on each side, this album promises an exhilarating journey through realms of sound and thought.

    Prepare for a captivating expedition into the realms of sound and introspection. Bon voyage, and may you savor every moment of this exquisite auditory adventure!


    1 Zymosis - A Way Away  120bpm

    2 Zymosis - Return To The Path  140bpm

    3 Zymosis - Kiss Me Goodbye  90bpm

    4 Zymosis - Spirit In The Box (feat. Irukanji)  112bpm

    5 Zymosis - 7 Seconds (2024)  142bpm

    6 Zymosis - Never Last  135bpm

    7 Zymosis - Small But Very Important Thing (2024)  140bpm

    8 Zymosis - Last Call (2024)  140bpm


    Written & Produced By Zymosis

    Tracks 2, 3, 8. Cello By Dina Kononova

    Artwork By KA

    Mastered By Dimitro @ Zymosis Studio & Yurii Medved

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