10 Feb 2014

Psyfactor «Retro Scientific»

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Sentimony Records presents its sixteenth release, the newest creation of electron-synthetic Bachelor of Science, mushroom-innovator laureate and a pride of Russian chillout scene - Psyfactor.

During this time he wrote at the strange silvery discs something special. You should have a laser to read them! This is a retro science. It studies the theory of electronic experimentation and broken beats. If something goes wrong, it can hurt the whole world. No matter how real it is.

Let’s start experimenting!


  1. Psyfactor - Orbiter
  2. Psyfactor - Stop Going
  3. Psyfactor - Earth-Like
  4. Psyfactor - Last Martian
  5. Psyfactor - Skydive
  6. Psyfactor - Electrify Yourselves
  7. Psyfactor - Outwards
  8. Psyfactor - Retro Scientific
  9. Psyfactor - Allover
  10. Psyfactor - I Leave
  11. Psyfactor - Lost Myself


Artwork By Ader

Mastered By Makus (Overdream Studio)



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