Psyfactor «Retro Scientific» Small Thumbnail Psyfactor «Retro Scientific»

sencd016 | 10 Feb 2014

Psyfactor «Retro Scientific»

Psychill, Psybreaks | 1:19:35

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    Sentimony Records presents its new release «Retro Scientific» - the newest creation of electron-synthetic Bachelor of Science, mushroom-innovator laureate and a pride of Russian psychedelic scene - Psyfactor.

    During this time he wrote at the strange silvery discs something special. You should have a laser to read them! This is a retro science. It studies the theory of electronic experimentation and broken beats. If something goes wrong, it can hurt the whole world. No matter how real it is.

    Let's start experimenting!


    01 Psyfactor - Orbiter | 120bpm

    02 Psyfactor - Stop Going | 120bpm

    03 Psyfactor - Earth-Like | 120bpm

    04 Psyfactor - Last Martian | 120bpm

    05 Psyfactor - Skydive | 155bpm

    06 Psyfactor - Electrify Yourselves | 140bpm

    07 Psyfactor - Outwards | 155bpm

    08 Psyfactor - Retro Scientific | 120bpm

    09 Psyfactor - Allover | 120bpm

    10 Psyfactor - I Leave | 100bpm

    11 Psyfactor - Lost Myself | 100bpm


    Written & Produced By Psyfactor

    Artwork By Ader

    Mastered By Makus @ Overdream Studio




    YouTube [Full Release]