Cifroteca & Roof Raiser «Wild Storm» Small Thumbnail Cifroteca & Roof Raiser «Wild Storm»

SENCD015 | 25 Nov 2013

Cifroteca & Roof Raiser «Wild Storm»

Psytrance | 1:12:25

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    Aqua Deep Music (sublabel of Sentimony Records) is pleased to announce its new psytrance release, split-album of two psychedelic minds Cifroteca and Roof Raiser - talented sound producers from Ukraine.

    Wild Storm - its always happens when guys come together and begin to synthesize music. Aliens space-ship on the ocean ... strange crackling ... knock-knock ... had to dive very deep, and get the bottom to find what they're looking for.

    And dont forget to put your aqualung while listening!


    01 Cifroteca - Unknown Signals | 148bpm

    02 Roof Raiser - Parallel Reality | 148bpm

    03 Cifroteca & Roof Raiser - Wild Storm | 147bpm

    04 Cifroteca - CooCoo 2019 | 148bpm

    05 Roof Raiser - Warning Signal | 148bpm

    06 Cifroteca - Star Bolide | 151bpm

    07 Roof Raiser - Object M82 | 150bpm

    08 Roof Raiser & Cifroteca - Bukanna | 150bpm

    09 Cifroteca - Burning Syncho | 153bpm

    10 Roof Raiser - Abnormal Plants | 149bpm


    Written & Produced By Cifroteca & Roof Raiser

    Artwork By Swaroop Guhathakurta

    Mastered By Makus @ Overdream Studio





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