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Ufomatka «Altering The Synaptic Controllers» EP
sencd027 | 02 Jan 2018

Ufomatka «Altering The Synaptic Controllers» EP

Goa Trance, Psybreaks | 37:17
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Sentimony Records presents the new Goa Trance release «Altering The Synaptic Controllers» - the second EP by our beloved artist Ufomatka.

The release name came from nowhere and the dick knows what it is, but it will all fuck us out :)

Get it now and have fun!


1. Ufomatka - Multiplexer | 140bpm

2. Ufomatka - Alien Controlled Human Exterminator | 137bpm

3. Ufomatka - Fornax Cluster | 145bpm

4. Ufomatka - Warper-mutator | 138bpm

5. Ufomatka - Weird Species | 153bpm


Written & Produced By Ufomatka

Artwork By Trootootoo

Mixed & Mastered By Dimitro @ Zymosis Studio